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Xbox Live Gamercards

POSTED BY Luigi Violin ON

The new gamercard generator is available at

Enjoy and don’t forget to leave some feedback. ;)

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  10. This is pretty awesome stuff man!

  11. Hi my gamercard is not actual…whats wrong?

  12. Hookwow, we’re going through some changes to make live updates more quick and reliable, and this may have caused a significant (a few hours) delay in the updates – things should be back to normal in a couple more days. :)

  13. Hey man, loving the gamercards. But they don’t seem to be updating gamerscore and games played. It is udating avatars though.

  14. thanks tomsta, I’ll look into it :) btw generally speaking keep in mind that the more hits your gamercard gets, the more often it’s being updated with live data

  15. Thanks for the response. Maybe I was being a little impatient, because it appears to be working just fine now!! :D

    Again man, excellent work on the gamercards! ;)

  16. Hi there. The gamercards are a great idea but it seems they are not updating info like gamescore and avatar clothes. Can you please check that out?
    Many thanks in advance.

  17. Since some time the gamertag is not shown correctly in your nice gamercards (the tag seems to be fast left outside of the card).

  18. Any chance we’ll see an update for the gamercard generator for Xbox One?

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