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POSTED BY Luigi Violin ON is about to get a HUGE update “in the coming days”, expecially in regards to the My Xbox section – that will be replaced by “Social”. A preview of the new homepage follows.

As the name implies, the point is to push the social aspects of the website, so that it will be easier to keep in touch with your friends and arrange gaming parties. We will also get the chance to try a new feature (coming soon in the upcoming dashboard update) called Beacons, which “lets you mark games you want to play with others, making it easier to find friends who want to play the same games“. Windows Phone will be able to display Beacons right away, while consoles will have to wait for the update (or the preview, if you were lucky enough to get in ;) )

Meanwhile, will get a brand new Metro style facelift, and I don’t need to re-iterate how much I love Metro UI and how glad I am that it’s spreading across all Microsoft’s websites. The udpate will also add a Video section, that will let us browse the Zune catalog, purchase and rent movies.

I love changes, and this looks absolutely awesome. I literally can’t wait to put my hands on the new features, and so should you.

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Xbox LIVE Public Preview Program

POSTED BY Luigi Violin ON

Yeah yeah everybody knows by now.. right?
If you don’t click here before reading further, and sign up.

Oh you want the details, too?

In brief, the new Xbox 360 dashboard update is almost ready to hit our consoles, and the Xbox team – as usual – wants to test it on a pretty large scale. Yes, they’re looking for your help, and you may get to see the update before anyone else. Looks like a win-win situation to me!

Want even more details? Head on here for the official news: