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Even more gamercards news (and designs)

POSTED BY Luigi Violin ON

Since I just decided that this would also be a devblog for my gamercard service, I guess I might post all udpates I make to them – I noticed a quite big increase in traffic lately, most likely due to:

  • a) the new designs
  • b) the fact that I’m – again – actively developing the service now, so it just works. ;)


The most successful new design seems to be classicnew, but I also got some awesome responses for the ‘Big Signature‘. It comes in a few different colors and it’s inspired partly to‘s look and partly to Microsoft‘s (now patented) Metro UI. I started using it myself in forums I frequent. :) Here’s an example of the Orange Big Signature:

I also did a slightly different gamercard a few days ago, which I’m not promoting on the gamercard generator, but you should feel free to use if you wish: I wanted something that would put focus on the Avatar (the full body) but also include more info from Xbox Live. You can see the result on this blog’s sidebar.

Want one for yourself? Here’s how:

  • - dark text (for light background):
  • - light text (for dark background):


Enjoy and, as always, comments are very welcome!

Avatar Kinect now available

POSTED BY Luigi Violin ON

As of yesterday, Avatar Kinect is available for downloading from the Xbox Marketplace.
That also means that the Beta embargo is over and I can finally tell I was able to preview it.. and that I quite enjoyed it!
It isn’t something you will spend days playing with, but it’s a nice proof of the capabilities of Kinect and the fun you can have with it, aside from gaming.

Follow the link and give it a try!

My Xbox Live Avatar is more like me

POSTED BY Luigi Violin ON

I really mean it. Even more than the pic you see on my blog as – once again – I shaved my head last week, and that instantly reflected on my Xbox alter ego!
Ok, you may now resume your normal day. :)