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WP7applist first major update now Live

POSTED BY Luigi Violin ON

I’ve been hard at work lately to have a few cool new features go live on (my fansite dedicated to Windows Phone 7 and its Apps Marketplace). Some were ready from quite a long time but I decided to put them on hold and wait for the server move I had planned meanwhile.. well, now everything’s set up and if you visit the website you should see those nice new features, along with a more fast and responsive website!

Here’s a recap of the new stuff, and also a BIG thanks to Paul Acevedo, who covered the full story over at

  • Speed increases: The site has been moved to a faster server. Part of the frontend has been completely rewritten along with many “low level” functions that run the website, sometimes with a speed improvement of 600 percent!
  • ‘Inactive apps’ count unveiled: Sometimes apps get removed from the Marketplace, for a number of reasons. The “total number of apps” count previously included those apps. But now you can see the actual number of apps available.
  • Popularity: Every single app now gets two different ranks (global and category specific) based on the number of downloads. You can see it hovering the mouse on an app’s box in any list.
  • App details page has been reorganized in a tabbed interface; reviews now reside in their own tab.
  • You can now see app reviews for every locale / language and quickly switch between them.
  • Inactive app warning: when looking at any app’s details page, you will get a warning if the app isn’t available from the Marketplace at the moment.
  • ‘Paid with Trial’ has been added to “Paid vs Free” chart on the App Stats page.
  • Stars added in users reviews
  • ‘Remember me’ checkbox now available when logging in

Finally, let me say that having a great portal like WPCentral cover this kind of story about you and your work, makes you really think that you did something good at some point! That’s such a great feeling. Once again, thanks everyone for the support :)