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Kinect and I

POSTED BY Luigi Violin ON

I just realized that I probably never wrote a line about Kinect, despite the fact that I use it from quite a while (thanks to my girlfriend taking part to the first beta :) )

In short, I love it. I’m playing the most on Windows Phone at the moment, so I didn’t really try tons of Kinect games, but it was literally love at first sight when I saw the demos in the beta, and realized what Kinect is capable of.

Then came the SDK and drivers, and that’s when everyone realized that Minority Report wasn’t just a movie. Just look at what these guys were able to do in Linux (and there are equally cool and impressive examples on Windows)

Back to games, two of my favorites at the moment are:

I’m REALLY having a great time with them, it’s a whole new gaming experience that you can’t try anywhere else. If you didn’t pick up a Kinect sensor yet, stop reading and get one NOW.