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Type faster on WP7

POSTED BY Luigi Violin ON

One of the best features of iPhone, was – in my opinion – the awesome on-screen keyboard. Before that, I’ve never been a fan of bulky devices, but having a hardware keyboard really made a huge difference in my experience. Windows Phone 7 offers nothing less than iPhone in terms of soft-keyboard awesomeness, but some features are kinda hidden.. until you find them!

So here’s a short list of life-saver that worked for me, hopefully they will work for some of you too:

  • the phone suggests words as you type, what may not be very obvious is that if a word shows in bold, the phone is gonna replace the typed word automatically; tap near it if you don’t want that to happen. If there are – instead – no words in bold, you can tap on one of the suggestions to replace the word you’re typing. Likewise, you can tap on a word in your text to bring up suggestions for it;
  • you can type in multiple languages and easily switch between them. First of all, go to settings / keyboard to see the current keyboard language(s). Tap on it to bring up a list with checkboxes, and choose ALL the languages you plan to use. Next time you open the keyboard, you’ll have an addition button near the spacebar: tap on it to cycle languages, or hold it to bring up the full list. A new icon on the top-bar will tell you the language currently in use;
  • when you’re typing and need to place the cursor on a particular spot (eg: in the middle of a word), press and hold the screen to reveal a much larger cursor just above your finger. Drag the finger to move it around with great precision.

If you have similar tips to share, please do so in the comments. Does WP7 soft-keyboard work good enough for you?