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WP7 – the best of MWC11

POSTED BY Luigi Violin ON

The Mobile World Congress held in Barcellona just a few days ago brought lots of interesting news for Windows Phone 7 users and developers. According to Microsoft, 9 customers out of 10 would recommend WP7 to their friends: I’m definitely one of those 9, and I’m glad that Windows Phone is having the success it deserves.

Microsoft discussed the first two major updates coming for the WP7 platform: you may have heard about them as “Nodo” and “Mango“. “Nodo” is almost here (expected in March 2011), and it will bring copy-and-paste functionality to the device (hurray!), as well as some bug fixes. “Mango” will bring the most interesting (and NEW) features on board and it will come “in the second half of 2011″.

Included in Mango, there will most likely be Twitter integration in the phone’s People Hub, support for Office documents in the cloud (free SkyDrive storage), multitasking (or fast app switching?), and my personal favorite: Internet Explorer 9 Mobile.

I love programming and I put my hands on a lot of programming languages and environments, but Web Development will always be my favorite. The current version of IE Mobile works pretty good, it’s quick enough, and pretty friendly from a developer point of view, but IE9 will really bring a revolution on the device, as well as a whole new concept of web design. Really, I can’t wait for it and – trust me – non-developers should do the same.

The IE Mobile team recently said that they

…worked closely with the IE9 team to ensure that mobile Web developers can take advantage of the same benefits that IE9 brings to the desktop…

This means that it will all be there: hardware acceleration for graphics and video, CSS3, Geolocation, DOM Storage, SVG etc etc.. If the list doesn’t tell you anything, just let me say – as a Web Developer – that this will open up LOTS of new possibilities, and will let us users experience the Web on mobile devices like never before. M’kay? Just wait and see. ;)