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The very best apps in the #wp7 marketplace

POSTED BY Luigi Violin ON

You may have heard about #wpappawards on twitter or via my friend Saijo at 1800PocketPC, you may not.

Well, here’s the full story :)


I know for a fact that users passionate about a particular technology love these kind of events, and thought it was about time that we had one for Windows Phone! I’ve been working on it for the last month and the initial feedback has been pretty awesome.

The first phase (nominations!) will end this Saturday, and Sunday the actual voting phase begins.
Any app currently available in the USA marketplace can be nominated for an award in one of the different 18 categories (2 bonus categories will be added for voting), and anyone can nominate and vote for their app of choice.

Like the sound of it? If you want to recommend your favorite app(s) hurry app and follow the link at the bottom, if you just want to show your support make sure to hit it starting next Sunday, May 20th. I’ll see you there!

Windows Phone 7 2012 Community App Awards

Back home. Had FUN.

POSTED BY Luigi Violin ON

The only negative thing about the last two days was the car trip (I pretty much hate driving and 7 hours in two days isn’t exactly my kind of thing).

It was AMAZING to meet so many MVPs in person. The technical level was unbelievable, and they were also extremely nice person able to make me feel at home even if I was the n00b there ;)

The event was hosted at the brand new Microsoft building in Milan, and we had the chance to take a quick tour of it: it really looks like a nice place to work at (or even have fun!).

I also got to meet one of my all time heroes: despite apparences, he was nice with me too. He’s a cool dude, I can tell you.

MVP Open Days 2011

POSTED BY Luigi Violin ON

I’ll be away for a couple days (next Friday + Saturday) for the Italian MVP Open Days 2011, and this is also the first time that I’ll be able to attend a real-life event as a Microsoft MVP. VERY exciting indeed!

The event will be held @ Microsoft Italy’s headquarters in Milan, and I really can’t wait to take part of it. It will be under NDA, so – as interesting as it may be – I won’t be able to comment much on the actual sessions.

In all honesty, what I’m looking forward to the most is networking with other MVPs and Microsoft’s employees as well. There are so many technically talented people that I “know” from online forums, newsgroups, blogs etc.. and it will surely be a honor to meet some of them in person.

This will also involve a pretty long trip by car, and that’s what I’m not really looking forward to.. but yeah.. it will be worth it. :)