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Halo Model Generator

POSTED BY Luigi Violin ON

Want to see how the different armor permutations will look like? Pick you favorite armor pieces and colors, the picture will update in real time. You can also start from your current setup by tipying your Xbox Live gamertag in the “find a gamer” box.
Also available for iPhone and iPod touch ( INFO | GET IT )

21 Responses to “Halo Model Generator”

  1. Thats my sparton from Halo Reach

  2. awesome website

  3. I am Master chief

  4. some now I can check out the armor I want

  5. Also cool

  6. in the unsc this guy pretty much does not ecxist in unclassified files.

  7. i need help when ur d0ne what do u click 0n

  8. hey dude how do i generatore the armor

  9. This is an awsome site and very 1337 idea but i think you should do one for reach as well

  10. awesome dude
    All hayabusa(and katana) in gold.

  11. hey i’m getting a xbox live sometime soon ,what do u guys think my name should be? Ace140 or Nachokitty4427

  12. nice website bro real but how do you generate this to your profile

  13. Love this, but could you add an option that also lets you choose a weapon?

  14. Even though this is good for people who don’t have it on xbox 360 on Halo 3 it would be better if they could battle other players without xbox live

  15. Add a Halo: Reach armour generator and that would be awesome.

  16. This is a pretty cool site.

  17. I agree with Mr. Gallagher. Also, including a female Spartan model would be much appreciated. There may not be many of us girls playing Halo, but we’re out there!

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  19. awesoom

  20. i can look at my elite on halo 3 :)

  21. Awesome but i agree with Zeon it wuld be cool with a weapon option. :)

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