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I am a professional software developer from Venice, Italy, a tech entusiast, a fan of mobile devices and Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

I started programming when I was about 10, in BASIC, on my first PC. Since then, I put my hands on most programming languages and environments I could, as I’ve always been curious by nature in this field, and love to know something about everything. My main passion has been web development since 1995: I specialized in a variety of programming languages and techniques, including ASP, PHP, JAVA, C#, XML/Json, CSS, Javascript. I love Ajax in web development, and have a good knowledge of its basics and the most popular frameworks available.

I’ve always been a fan of Microsoft’s mobile devices, but I also loved the iPhone when I got my hands on it in late 2009. However, that went straight to the drawer as soon as Windows Phone 7 was available in stores ;)

I’m also very involved in the Xbox Community, building a number of fansites for both the Italian and the international public. I’m also a moderator on the official forums at, since 2007.

I currently split my days between my job at a local B2B software development & consulting company, and my activity as independent mobile developer – hoping to go full-time with the latter someday.

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  1. [...] gamercard back to my blog but it seems that MGC is no more so I am now getting them generated by Zaam. Its great that he is helping out as I am sure me and all the other ex-MGC people are chewing his [...]

  2. Absolutely amazing GT’s I love ‘em, use them in our Black Ops clan forums.
    Bravo molto bene, bellissimo!

  3. Hi

    There is a problem with the gamercard generator since it only show 85250 out of my 88567 gamerscore, I have tried both small and big letters but it dont help. Is it a bug or something?

  4. My gamerscard is showing my profile as it was about two years ago! I have double the 49k it’s showing now!

  5. Thanks for this amazing gamercards

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